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This is an unfolding story that needs to be told so other victims do not fall into the trap of thinking the NAB only tells the truth. They don't, they tell lies. And in actual fact the NAB will tell many lies to protect its interests.

In our case, we have just been through a review that has now lasted some 4 months. The review was carried out by the honourable Mr Jeff Kennett AC. Mr Kennett was supplied briefing information by the NAB. The briefing information was to give Mr Kennett a background of events that saw our companies liquidated in 2008 by the NAB. This information that was supplied to Mr Kennett has now been given to us for our perusal after we demanded the NAB release this information. We have noted many lies in the information that was given to Mr Kennett by the NAB. We are now determined to investigate the source of these lies that came from the NAB.

As this investigation unfolds, we will update findings with the hope of eventually showcasing the whole story so NAB can be shown for what it truly is. We are very confident as we hold all historical documents that prove our case and that the NAB has lied in this review process many times.

Russ Cousins

NAB Victim

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Our investigations with the documents now supplied by the NAB clearly reveal that the NAB supplied incorrect information to Mr. Kennett on some 17 occasions to cover up the fact that the NAB criminally engineered defaults on our Companies.

The facilities were called in by James Wickham, Manager, NAB, (The Demands) on the 29 October 2008 and 6 November 2008. The controllers were then placed into our Companies on the 11 November, 5 days later. ASIC was informed by the controllers and my rights were taken away, and a re-finance was now impossible.

A "Notice of Agreed Changes" dated 10 April 2008 shows that the new expiry date (roll over date) to be the 30 Sept 2008.

The Document states "Unless we tell you otherwise, we will conduct another general review of these facilities in approximately 12 months"  (10 April 2009)

The NAB prior to 30 Sept 2008 did not give us any notice that they would not roll over the facilities on this date 30 Sept 2008. The facilities were not in arrears and all payments were up to date.

The information that was supplied to Mr. Kennett by the NAB from Paul Boghdadi, "Manager, Customer Experience Improvement" was a disgraceful attempt to cover up the real facts.

Mr Kennett and Mr Kennett's Lawyer, James McLaughlin were presented with all documents showing the true information of our demise at our initial meeting. We can see now that this information was discarded and not examined by Mr Kennett, or his Lawyer, and that Mr Kennett only went on the false information supplied by the NAB.

We now have in our possession this information supplied to Mr Kennett and can see that the NAB has supplied false information to cover up the engineered defaults on our Companies.

An arrogant NAB did not comply with it's obligations to our Companies under the 2004 Code of Banking Practices. Had they met these obligations with regards the Code then these criminal engineered defaults would not have been able to eventuate under clause 25.2 of the Code.

Now that we have come full circle with this new information supplied after 10 years by the NAB, it is clear to see that the engineered default on my Companies was an act of fraud.

In an email from Kerry Vasiliadis's Office of the CEO & Executive Leadership Team, on the 22 March 2019 Ms Kerry Vasiliadis stated: 

"As you know Mr Kennett conducted a review of your dispute and issued his determination in a letter to you dated 22 January 2019. Unfortunately Mr Kennett did not find in favour of your position and recommended that no compensation would be payable. We appreciate that this outcome may be disappointing to you, however we now consider the matter to be closed".

In response to Ms Vasiliadis's email I can assure her and the "Executive Leadership Team" of one thing, and that is, that the criminal and fraudulent actions of the NAB will be relentlessly pursued until the Victims of the NAB receive justice.

Over the coming weeks we will be requesting the fraud squad to review the materials and evidence on this matter.

Russ Cousins

NAB Victim